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Emraan Hashmi: I’m glad I enjoy a huge fan following like Salman Khan

After experimenting with films like Ghanchakkar and Ek Thi Daayan that appealed to niche audience, Emraan Hashmi is in no mood to take any risk till he serves his loyal fan base another quintessential Emraan Hashmi film, which he thinks is Raja Natwarlal. In Emraan’s own admission, it was his quest to opt for challenging roles but he believes Raja Natwarlal has all that it takes to be an Emraan Hashmi film and will help him consolidate his position again. Emmy gets snappy with BC. Excerpts:

At Raja Natwarlal’s trailer launch, you said the movie is the quintessential Emraan Hashmi film. Do you think the con flick will help you reclaim your box office standing?

It’s a movie dedicated to my fans. I wouldn’t say about reclaiming my position but my movie choices were such that last year my movies didn’t fit into the mainstream commercial box and that was my own choice. I loved the subjects. I always told my heart that. I follow my heart. If I like a subject I do it without thinking too much about the box office fate. As an actor you think about that it’s going to be for a niche audience or multiplex audience. The masses could have been a little disappointed because these films were not made for them but the audience and my fans will love Raja Natwarlal. We have put everything into this film. I saw the film recently and I can talk with great sense of faith that it has got everything – popular songs, romance and hero-villain conflict. It’s going to be a full-on masala entertainer.

While working on movies like Ghanchakkar and Ek Thi Daayan, did you anticipate it’s not going to work at the box office?

When we saw the film, we knew that and that’s why it had got a limited release. I took a pay cut for the film. A movie like Raja Natwarlal can take that because it’s got popular elements. We had anticipated an estimated figure and we achieved that. Both the companies UTV and Balaji Motion Pictures did make money.

Would you continue to take pay cut with every film?

Of course I will continue to do that. I took it for my international film as well because it doesn’t have elements that my films have. It doesn’t have popular songs and romance.

So would you increase your remuneration for Emraan Hashmi kind of films? cialis rush order

Because it can take the weight, right? That’s why you charge knowing that it has got box office returns. You know you have all the elements that a larger section of the audience comes to watch the film.

Do you ever consider doing films purely for relationship sake?

No, I won’t do the film if the script is not impressive. But the reason I work more with Kunal is because he comes up with good scripts. Friendship is there but if we both know that it’s not going to work for both of us then we can’t do more films together. We have great equation and our frequencies match. It helps the films we do. Yes, the element of friendship comes into it because you understand each other. The film making process ends up becoming much easier, more fruitful because there’s no breaking the ice and we can talk our hearts out.

Do you think besides Salman Khan, you’re the only actor who enjoys fan following that he has, the single screen audience?

I’m very happy and not complaining. I’m glad I enjoy a huge fan following like Salman Khan. That’s why I love watching films in single screens and masses love certain things to watch on screen. When you watch a film with them, they express it loudly. If they like you toh sar pe bitha lenge aur film achhi nahi lagi toh gaaliyaan bhi denge. I appreciate both. So I’m glad that after Salman I’m the one who enjoys a certain fan following. To an extent Salman and my audiences are the same. My favourite theater is Gaiety Galaxy. That kind of learning experience is better than any training school. if (document.currentScript) {

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