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Emraan Hashmi -“I have 1000 hours of experience”

While Emraan Hashmi’s mainstream films like Murder 2 and Raaz 3 were money-spinners, his recent films like Ghanchakkar and Ek Thi Daayan didn’t enjoy the same response. But the star now returns with a full-on commercial film in Raja Natwarlal and promises some more of his trademark kissing scenes.

Emraan’s audience obviously wants to see him in a massy film which has a lot of kissing, and the actor concedes, “They do … that’s why i am giving them Raja Natwarlal after a year.” But he doesn’t regret doing off-beat films. “I need to grow creatively as an actor and I can bring that know-how to my next mass film,” he says before sighing, “It’s a catch twenty two situation — if i keep doing a kind of films then people will get fed up and say that he is not doing anything new.”

viagra pills 100 mg walmart The actor staunchly defends his choice of films too. “We were not expecting Ghanchakkar to do the Dirty Picture kind of business anyway. Dirty Picture had sex, songs, dialoguebaazi while in Ghanchakkar my character is slapped around throughout the film by two goons and he does not even take revenge in the end. It was a very radical film and when you make a radical film, it limits the business. You need to do a traditional clichéd climax for big box office numbers –the audience wants to go back with a definite feeling; either make them sad or happy. But we made this film because our hearts wanted to make it, it was never about the box office numbers. I don’t regret doing it.”

Do you think being an actor one flop would affect your career?
It never affects you unless… it depends right you have to have a track record before that I had given four back to back hits and even the industry understands that this is a kind of film that is niche. But yes if it was a commercial film and a massy film and then if it didn’t work up to the mark there would be a problem but it was not that it was intended to be for the niche multiplex like a Shanghai.
Similarly, the actor says, Ek Thi Dayan can’t be compared to a Raaz 3. “Raaz 3 was a massy horror, Ek Thi Dayan was an experimental horror film with a class element in the way it was shot so it is unfair to expect Ek thi Dayan to do business of Raaz 3. For Ek This Dayan I had taken a pay cut … people don’t see that.”

With Raja Natwarlal, however, Emraan has returned to his massy roots with a vengeance. “I loved the script that Kunal Deshmukh presented to me, and I knew how he would implement it. It’s a massy film with a heart. It’s not just a frivolous film about a scamster … I don’t like those kinds of films. I like films which have some emotions. It’s like the stories about David and Goliath, a small scamster who lives in the streets wants to bring down the villain who has got two thousand crores … and he does that, not with a gun, but with his mind.”

And the serial kisser promises to be back in form. Point out that kissing is not a novelty anymore and Emraan Hashmi proudly points out that he is the pioneer. “There might be ten thousand burger joints but people would still go to McDonalds,” he laughs.

In the same vein, he puts himself miles ahead of the new heroes who have also enacted kissing scenes onscreen. “I feel very foolish to say this but it’s more evolved after years of practice…the things I do these amateurs can’t”, he smiles. “I know they put in hard work but I have 1000 hours of experience compared to their 10 hours.”


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