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Abhishek Bachchan’s career graph is declining

Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan may be a good actor, but what about his career graph? A string of flops is not only diminishing his brand value but also making him a target of jokes on Twitter. He may be having legendary parents and a world famous superstar wife, but that doesn’t help Abhishek’s career in any way. It’s time he buckles his shoe and plan a smart strategy. Here are a few tip we could help revive Abhi’s career!

Say NO to movies like Players and Bol Bachchan

Such roles benefit you in no way, Abhi. If you continue to take up films like these, your potential as an actor will never be utilized. You will hardly get noticed in multi starrer films.

Take up projects from off beat directors like Anurag Kashyap, Bejoy Nambiar and many others

Roles such as these will enhance your image among the public. Your more than just a comic actor. Macho roles would definitely suit you. Take up roles like action and thriller. Remember Sarkar Raj?

Time to say goodbye to the Dhoom series

With a superstar like Aamir Khan and a gorgeous face like Katrina Kaif in Dhoom 3, Abhi, you were barely noticed. Despite you being the hero of all the Dhoom series, time and again you have been sidelined by the badies – Reason being Dhoom is all about the antagonists.

Fire your stylist already!

If not in acting, at least do justice in the fashion department. Your boring and repeated outfits will take you nowhere. Time to experiment with your dressing. Hire a new stylist.

Make a space in Bollywood

Start being a little more active. Bollywood is one place where one needs to be in the news all the time. You have been missing in action from quite sometime now. Starting tweeting more often, attend parties, come on, make some noise. Let people not wipe you out off their memory.

Meanwhile, Abhishek Bachchan will soon be seen in Farah Khan’s Happy New Year, which features multiple star cast including Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone among the other. Hope Abhi doesn’t get side lined this time also.

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