Raj Kundra says his statement on Salman Khan was misquoted

Just yesterday we had told you about the comments businessman Raj Kundra had made on Salman Khan, saying his monthly income is much more than what Salman makes in one movie. Obviously, this did not go down very well with the Bhai’s fans. Now, Raj has told the media that he was completely misquoted.

Talking about comparing his monthly income with Salman, Raj says, by taking Salman Khan’s name he did not mean the actor alone. He just gave Khan’s name as a reference, considering he is the no.1 actor in the country today.

The incident took place during the press conference for Satyug Gold, where he was asked if he would ever act in a film. Replying to the same, Raj said that, firstly, no one would even watch him, and secondly, producers would not be able to afford him. Kundra said: “Obviously no producer would over pay to get a bad non actor when he can sign a superstar for cheaper.”

Further, stating Salman’s example, Raj said that a businessman makes an actors yearly income in just one month. He also added that, it’s not just him but if one would compare top 10 industrialist earnings to top 10 actors in Bollywood, the above said would be true. Whilst one gives fame the other certainly pays much better.

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  1. Why should one be bothered about his statement, even if it is true. Stop being stupid fans. You are not going to get a share in it.

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