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Kick movie review: A Kickass entertainer

Considering Salman Khan’s last release, Jai Ho didn’t prove to be a money spinner as compared to his earlier blockbusters, one does enter the cinema hall with pre-conceived notions and this time more so wondering how grand and different his latest Eid offering would be, also whether it would give Salman’s loyal fan base the required ‘kick’ after watching their favourite Bhai’s film!

But we must admit that like all Salman Khan starrers (or we say blockbusters), Kick is going to be a trendsetter. Debutant director Sajid Nadiadwala has projected his old friend Salman in the best possible commercial way. Considering the overall media hype and buzz surrounding Kick, one was quite hopeful about the single screen superstar to go on to the next level in his latest release. And he didn’t disappoint.

So Kick starts with funny goons, damsel in distress, heroic entry, cracker action, whistles all over in the hall. All this happens in the first fifteen minutes and it looks like a good start. Salman’s loyalists clap as he beats the goons and does some break dance. Unfortunately, this is all that the hero seems to be doing. A reason why I tend to lose interest is probably the fact that Kick is an extremely formulaic entertainer. In fact it is so calculative in keeping with the ‘Salman Khan film formula’ is that there are songs, comic scenes and action stitched into the script at regular intervals.

The story begins with Shaina (Jacqueline Fernandez), a psychiatrist, who meets her would-be husband, a police officer, Himanshu Tyagi (Randeep Hooda) on a train journey in Warsaw to discuss their prospective marriage. As the journey advances, they gradually become good friends and strike a deep conversation. This is when Shaina reveals many of her secrets including her previous relationship with an unconventional man Devi (Salman Khan). The movie goes into flashback. After Shaina reveals her past, Himanshu joins her by sharing his escapade as a police officer and his encounter with an intelligent thief, Devil. Both Himanshu and Shaina are unaware that they are talking about the same person. How Devil enters their life again and changes the whole scenario is how the story proceeds further.

Devi Lal Singh (Salman) quits his job because he doesn’t get a kick out of it. Instead he gets the adrenaline rush by helping a friend elope and beating the crap out of hooligans who mess with young girls while he tries to woo Shaina. But Shaina and Devi are as different as chalk and cheese and as expected their romance is short-lived. Devi realises he cannot be what she wants him to be or does he want to see her unhappy and he’s off to find the real kick. And begins the journey of Devi and how he transforms himself into Devil!

To be fair to the makers, Kick does give you kick at regular intervals. There’s a warm love hate relationship between Devi and Shaina and one-upmanship game between Devil and Himanshu and their chasing scenes. Apart from an in-form Salman, the film also features the scene-stealing effortless actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui who probably is the best of the lot as he brings in best moments in the film as his character traits draws parallels with the popular Hollywood onscreen villain Joker (The Dark Knight). Jacqueline looks her best in the film and though she doesn’t have much to do in the film, it would still give her career the required kick. Randeep is superlative as the restless cop.

The first half is a little slow but once the action picks up post interval, there’s no stopping. Kick shows tremendous quality in production. It’s shot and edited stylishly; Ahmed Khan’s choreography is impressive; dialogues are seeti-maar and action is clap-worthy. Sajid Nadiadwala does his best as a director. Salman fans won’t stop blowing whistles and applauding his every dialogue. The famous train scene looks amazing on the big screen. While the action scenes have glimpses of Hollywood action flicks like Salt, Mission Impossible and The World Is Not Enough, it draws inferences from Salman’s home production, Dabangg. Somehow we fail to understand why Salman, Jacqueline, Randeep, Mithun Chakraborty and Archana Puran Singh are all set to stake their claim on the film by competing about who says the title of the film Kick most number of times!

Our word – Salman Khan fans will just lap their favourite Bhai’s Eid release and this will easily emerge as one of Salman’s biggest hits considering that its released over 4500 screens in India and over 700 screens overseas. So, are you ready to get kicked?

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