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After a posh bungalow, Salman Khan gifts Jacqueline a plush ‘Audi’ car

No brownie points for guessing why superstar Salman Khan is super happy these days. Well, the actor’s KICK released today, 25 July, and the film has received awesome reviews so far. Salman’s chemistry with his on screen love interest, Jacqueline Fernandez has been appreciated, as well. In fact if rumors are to be believed, Salman and Jackie are said to be seeing each other, off screen.

Apparently, the KICK dude has gifted his heroine a plush car very recently, as a token of love. Ok, if you think Salman has done this earlier too – gifting his co-stars expensive presents, well, if you remember, we told you earlier that according to buzz Salman had gifted Jackie a posh bungalow. And now a car – all this indicating that there is something more to their relationship than just mere friends.

We hear that the superstar sent a plush ‘Audi’ car to her home.

Meanwhile, Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez starrer KICK hit theaters today. Do read our review here.} else {

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