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Salman Khan Expresses Love For Rajasthan

While talking to Rajasthan Patrika newspaper for a ‘Conversation with Salman and Jacqueline,’ event, Salman Khan expressed concern for those with vision problems on seeing the font size of the newspaper. He narrated, “We do a lot of cataract operations. Many of them complain that when they see a newspaper, they see a blur. But often its’ not due to cataract, it is because they don’t have reading glasses. Therefore I would like it if newspapers would increase the font size of the articles.”

Salman said he would love to come to Rajasthan to shoot for his films, but lamented, “some sections of the media out there always create some problem or controversies.” He revealed, “The last time I shot there was during Veer but even at that time people made an issue about it. It made it difficult for us to shoot because as it is we had a huge unit and horses et al to take care of.”

Asked if he frequented the state often, Salman said, “I do come there with regards to my case. Apart from that, I would also like to shoot my films there, which makes good business sense for the state as well because the audience will know more about this beautiful place. This will help in the revenue of the state.”
Emotionally, the star continued, “I love the place. I would love to come and visit there but can’t do so. The only time I come there is during my case.”

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