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Raj Kundra says, his monthly income is more than what Salman Khan earns from a movie.

We all know that businessman Raj Kundra and superstar Salman Khan are at loggerheads and have never agreed or even made an effort to agree with each other. Their rivalry has now gone a step higher after Raj made a comment in a recent interview that Salman Khan is no where close to him when it comes to their financial status and that his monthly income is more than what Salman earns from a movie.

The businessman has further stated that he would never want to be like the superstar. Interestingly, actress Shilpa Shetty, wife of Raj Kundra is good friends with Salman Khan. Apparently, Raj is into filmmaking only because Shilpa is part of the industry.

Recently, Raj had tweeted that he is “unaffordable”.

“To all the Senti’Mental’ lot out there in a business interview I was asked would I act I said as a businessman i am unaffordable…period!” read his tweet.

He again tweeted, “Dear friends respect all work. Excel in what you do. Create multiple sources of income. Finally Mujey Iss interview mein ‘Kick’ Mila xx.”

Kundra later tweeted, “To all haters….all I have to say is when u do charity u don’t need to talk about it. What I do when I do is none of your business. #kick.”

KICK is Salman Khan’s upcoming film which is set for an Eid release. We wonder what is Salman’s reaction to the these comments.

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