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WATCH UGLY trailer

Only Anurag Kashyap can decide to name his movie ‘Ugly’ and yet create interest in the audience.
You know upfront that it’s not catering to the masses but rather the masses that follow ‘Fa se Phantom’.

Dark is a feeling that we have come to attach with AK’s movies over the years and this one carried on the tradition. It’s dark, loud, pacy and grim from the word go. No big names in there to attract attention, but a mix of new faces and some familiar AK’s discoveries. Music matches the feel and even the lighting matches.

Centered around abduction and the events that follow, it involves the father, step father, the mother and the other woman. The needle of suspicion continues to swing in all the direction possible. Tongue in cheek comments and simple hitting one liners make up the remaining bit of the trailer. Everyone holds their own in the trailer and as expected Ronit Roy shines a little brighter.

You might assume from the trailer that you know how it’s going to end but then AK devotees know better. Whatever looks too simple in his world, is just darker and more twisted on the inside, or in this case UGLY!

WATCH UGLY trailer below:

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