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Watch the teaser trailer of BANG BANG

Hrithik starts the countdown .. 5..4..3..2..1 and then BANG! Within seconds it’s clear that Bang Bang is an out and out action movie. For Hrithik who’s already done all the stunts in Dhoom 2, this one had to take it higher to inspire any interest. The flyboard sequence where he emerges from the water is a 1st for Bollywood and sets the pace perfectly. The other signs that scream action are – leaping from the buildings, back flip on the bike, a lot of flashy moves in the fight sequence, guns being pulled out effortlessly and a lot of explosions. All this is packed into 44 seconds and looks fab for now.

Coming to the feel of the movie, looks slick and crisp. Hrithik has his usual 11 on 10 body to show and Katrina looks amazing as always. Even her skills have been showcased in a 3 sec bike stunt and would have some tongues waggling for sure. Rest of the trailer is just the sound of bullets. The gimmick of using 2nd Oct link to the movie is brilliant and would definitely etch the date in the minds of the audience.

They would soon come out with some more from the movie and most probably it’s would be some song with Hrithik displaying his moves with a BANG!

Watch the teaser trailer of BANG BANG

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