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“Kabhi kisiko Itna Bhi Mat Darao Ki Darr Hi bhag Jaye”!

All the naysayers about the movie after the initial posters shall now twitch a little from that stance and sober down a little.

After those slightly over-done posters, the trailer is out and it more than makes up for anything that the posters dint convey. Priyanka looks, talks, fights, cooks, eats and does everything that there could be to the aura Mary Kom carries in India and the World.

What is very evident upfront is that they want the character to hold the movie and hence no other big stars in the line-up to distract. The rustic feel of the small town is there that shaped Mary Kom as a person. Surely they would have jazzed up the events a little to make for a final picture, but that’s the beauty of an adaption, you know how it turned out!

The gong is hit and the first punch sends her flying down and that’s the only down you will see, from there it just builds on beautifully. You don’t become a fighter just like that and the fight has to be there from the early days. Here it’s the ‘girls cannot be in boxing’-father, the thugs in the street, being ogled at by fellow boxer males and then finally fight with the self.

There seems to be a love angle in there somewhere, but the hope is that it doesn’t end up spoiling the tempo like in ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’. There’s a flow in the trailer and it’s very smooth. Chronologically set to build up the anticipation for the final thing.

Had they put in a few elements to bring a lump to the throat in there, the trailer would have hit really hard and lingered on in the minds. The coach talking about how a woman gets stronger after becoming a mother is the high point of the trailer and the other elements come together nicely. The audience knows how it ended too, so the journey there is what they are looking at. Hopes have been raised for that happening in the movie and Priyanka getting the award which she missed for Barfi.

Watch Mary Kom trailer below:

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