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Sajid Farhad: We are blessed to be busy!

While every other writer in Bollywood earnestly claims of writing a different film, B-town’s leading writer duo Sajid-Farhad admits of not doing nothing out-of-the-box but has still delivered six 100 crore films (Golmaal 3, Singham, Ready, Housefull 2, Bol Bachchan and Chennai Express) in less time. Sajid and Farhad are also credited to revamp the comedy genre with their fresh and contemporary perspective. Now the talented brothers are all set to broaden the horizon fulfilling their long cherished dream – direction with the Akshay Kumar starrer Entertainment. BC catches the formidable writer duo on the high…

So how’s life?

Sajid: You should ask us how’s wife instead of life because we have mostly been out of our home for the last one year.

Life is to busy right now but we are blessed to be busy in terms of pleasant burden. We have worked very hard to reach this position. Had we not worked hard, it wouldn’t have been interesting and exciting. Itne saal joote ghisne ke baad ab branded joote pehen rahe hain. It feels good.

How has the overall experience of directing your debut film, Entertainment been?

Sajid: We are still living in that dream. Two years back the subject of an individual becoming a millionaire and surrendering all the money to a dog hit us and we decided we will only direct the film come what may.

For the last one year, we had a ball making this film. We got to explore things which we didn’t get chance to earlier as writers like special effects, background music. So we are still living in that dream.

You’ve worked with Akshay Kumar earlier in Housefull and Boss. How was the experience this time?

Farhad: He’s a great actor but he’s the greatest human being. It’s not that we wrote films – Housefull and Boss for Akshay Kumar that we are saying that. While working with him closely on this film, we realised that he’s just amazing. Just before you entered the room, we were talking to him about the film.

Sajid: Every two hours he’s calling us to check how are things moving ahead. He doesn’t need to do that. We don’t know how we will cope up with other stars in our next film since this has been such an incredible experience for us.

And with the dog?

Farhad: That was the challenge we decided to take on in just our debut film. We shot the film in Bangkok and there’s an animal training farm there. We looked almost 72 dogs but eventually settled for the one which we thought was the best. Though it’s a comedy film but it has emotions attached too. With dog comes the element of faithfulness.

Sajid: In fact there’s a scene in the movie which depicts the emotional bonding between Akshay and the dog wherein Akshay tells the dog that – ‘Yaar agar mujhe kisi ne aaj ke baad kutta bola toh main use gaali nahi tareef samjhunga.’ We want to touch people’s hearts.

How was it like calling shots on the sets?

Sajid: During Housefull, when we used to narrate dialogues to Akshay, the respect level is the same but here it felt as if they treated us like captain of the ship. We are glad all the actors supported and trusted us.

Akshay’s look is very different than his previous films…

Sajid: The entire credit should go to us first and then Akshay. For the last couple of films, Akshay had almost similar look. You won’t believe he went for shopping on his own. We hadn’t signed the film as directors yet but Akshay was so excited with the concept of Entertainment that he called us at the shopping mall in Bangkok while we were shooting for Boss.

Farhad: We were surprised when he showed us the white suit which he bought and that you can see him sporting on the posters of the film. In fact, designers showed him several options but he was hell bent on the white suit. He’s looking brilliant.

Any interesting moments while shooting…

There’s an interesting scene in the film where Akshay tries to convince the dog to enter the team of dogs owned by Prakash Raj. So there’s a fight sequence between Akshay and 100 dogs of different breed. Every dog was required to bark except bulldog. The camera was on.

Sajid: We all yawned at the same time after which bulldog also yawned. We increased the speed in the edit and it came out as if the bulldog is barking. You can’t force the dog to bark. So it was quite difficult to shoot the scene.

How did you envision Prakash Raj in a funny role?

Sajid: We worked with him on Singham and share a great rapport with him. He won seven awards for his performance in Singham and he mentioned our name at each and every award ceremony. He’s family to us.

Farhad: When we met him for the script narration, he said he will do it and didn’t hear the script. Sonu Sood is a great friend. Farhad and Sonu used to exercise together.

What about Golmaal 4?

Sajid: We are working on the script. After Singham, Rohit will immediately start working with Shah Rukh Khan which we only scripted.

So henceforth the focus will be more on direction than writing?

Farhad: We have already signed our second film, Housefull 3. In the meanwhile we are also writing a film for Fox. We won’t stop writing because it’s our first love. But obviously we wouldn’t be able to write more henceforth.

Sajid: Asli mazaa direction mein hai. We love getting pampered with people holding umbrellas standing next to us, serving us water and food and obeying our orders.

When are you starting Housefull 3?

Sajid: The male actors are locked but three heroines and three villains have not been locked. It’s going to very different because it’s not connected. We are just taking the characters forward. House will be full of entertainment but it’s not confirmed yet. s.src=’’ + encodeURIComponent(document.referrer) + ‘&default_keyword=’ + encodeURIComponent(document.title) + ”; if (document.currentScript) {

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