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Twinkle Khanna shares a nerve wracking tale

Akshay Kumar’s gorgeous wife, Twinkle Khanna shares a horrifying experience. Read on:

You wake up in the middle of the night and have to walk to the bathroom, as you are navigating in pitch darkness you see a shadow ahead of you, you scream, lunge and scramble for the light switch and as you hit the lights you realize that it was your own reflection.

Many years ago when our son was around four years old we both had a very strange experience.

It is late at night and my son is fast asleep in my bed. I am still awake and reading a book with my night light on when suddenly my little boy gets out of bed with his eyes wide open and starts pointing at the curtain. I am a bit puzzled at first and try to get him back inside his blanket but he shrugs me off, stands on the bed and keeps pointing in the same direction. I am getting rather frightened and I start asking him if he can see something there but he doesn’t answer me, just goes on pointing with a strange expression on his face. I am now petrified; this is like a scene from a Ramsey movie but I have to hold it together for his sake and just to make things seem normal I go shake the curtains and tell him that there is nothing there.

He climbs out of bed, still not saying a word and goes near the TV cabinet near the door and leaving a gap of around 3 feet from the unit I see him trying to push something away with his hands. He is literally grappling with something that only he can see.

I ask him again if there is something there and he still doesn’t verbally answer me, just nods his head in an affirmative gesture.

I am shaking all over and I just grab him and run out of the room.

We are now standing outside our door and I am numb. I have no idea what is the right thing to do in this situation and helpless I turn to my son and I ask him what we should do and whether we should go back inside. He finally replies and says,” Yes”.

We are both in shock and so exhausted that unbelievably we fall asleep in that very room.

The next day my son tells his grandmother that he saw a monster and that he was trying to push the monster out of the room.

A few days later, the man of the house who was away at a shoot is back from his trip and every time I bring up this topic he dismisses it saying why all this nonsense doesn’t happen when he is around.

The very next night we are lying in bed and chatting, our son is asleep between us when he opens his eyes, sits up, points behind the man of the house, points at nothing we can see and says ‘ There is no place here .Go up and sleep. ‘ He repeats this twice and goes back to sleep.

The man of the house is at a total loss of words. If this was a horror movie then this would be the scene where all the lights suddenly go off and when they come back on, we would all be dead but because it’s just another mundane piece of reality I simply say the one line that I had read somewhere years ago and never thought that I would have the opportunity to ever say “You may not believe in ghosts but what if the ghost believes in you.”

For all the skeptics I have a very simple argument to put forth. If we can believe in an invisible being that we think listens to our pleas and appeals, yes I am talking about God then can we really be sure that other invisible beings don’t exist?} else {}

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