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Sonam Kapoor -“We will keep a separate trial of Khoobsurat for Rekha”

Sonam Kapoor has a tough challenge ahead of her. Can she pull off a Rekha in the Khoobsoorat remake?

In Rekha’s chequered career, Khoobsoorat (1980) ranks high amongst her cache of prized roles which include Ghar, Umrao Jaan, Muqaddara Ka Sikander and Silsila. Playing the boisterous and bindaas girl who creates chaos in her married sister’s house headed by the stern matriarch (Dina Pathak), Rekha was a lovable livewire in this film.

An overwhelmed Sonam, who is reprising the role in the 2014 adaptation, modestly admits, “I don’t thing I can do justice to anything Rekha has done. But the idea of being part of this film is a terrific feeling. I feel these days there are very few films that are meaningful without compromising on the fun. Hrishikesh Mukerji was one of the last few directors who made films like Guddi and Khoobsurat that had a happy vibe as well as a message, and at the same time were universally appealing. It is the kind of films that Raju Hirani makes these days. I don’t think a good film has to be necessarily dark or have a character dying — I think it can be a light and frothy film.”

She ponders, “Since cinema has always been my happy space, this is my ode to Hrishiskesh Mukherji and his style of film making.” Sonam is confident that though her version of Khoobsurat is releasing 24 years after it was first released, it’s relevance has not been diluted or dimmed by the passage of time. “What is relevant to humankind will always be relevant — love happiness and family values will always be important. I don’t think (basic) human values will ever change,” she declares.

Quite clear that she is not competing with the senior actress, Sonam reveals that a special show of her family production will be held for Rekha. Since Rekha is a close family friend for whom a special show of their earlier production, Aisha, was held, Soman is confident that “We will keep a separate trial of Khoobsurat for Rekha.’

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