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How Ranbir and Deepika avoided each other when Katrina visited Corsica

Remember, we had told you that Katrina Kaif would be visiting Ranbir Kapoor in Corsica on her birthday? Well, that did happen apparently. And now you might be wondering how Deepika Padukone, whi is shooting with her rival’s beau, might have handled the situation? well, it was a smooth sail, with no awkward moments.

We hear that Ranbir and Deepika, unlike their Yeh Jawani Hai Dewaani days, maintain a very cordial relationship on the sets of Tamasha. Both of them are in a serious relationship with their respective partners and so RK and Dpad communicate only when they are on set or have to rehearse for some scenes.

Even the whole Birthday scene with Deepika wishing Katrina was a planned move.

A source reveals, “It was a big move for her to go on Twitter and post a Happy Birthday message to Katrina. Perhaps, this was her way of telling Ranbir that she’s over him and wants nothing but the best for his future. Also Dippy and Kat haven’t really been friends in the past, and being linked to the same guy hasn’t made it any easier.”

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