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Photographers ban on Salman Khan continues…

At an event to launch the computer game for ‘KICK”, Salman Khan flaunted controlled aggression when asked about the ban of Mumbai’s film photographers on him. When asked about the prevailing silence due to the absence of press photographers, Salman said,  I like this silence. At least, I can hear everyone’s voices clearly and his own voice too.”

Although a dozen of photographers were present not a single one clicked Salman, thereby sticking to the decision of banning him. However, that barely seemed to have bothered the Dabangg Khan. He said he hopes they continue to ban him for so long that he forced to go down on his knees and plead forgiveness! “Mujhe Apne Ghutno Pe Laake Maafi Mangwaaye’. Salman, of course, meant this with extreme sarcasm. He has also maintained that the pushing and shoving at the controversial event was not done by his personal security, but by venue security. Deriding the photographers for their aggressive behaviour, Salman said that it was because of him that they didn’t get beaten by the bouncers of Royalty. “I saved them,” said Salman. Salman also mentioned that in private, photographers often compel him to pose at any point of time by pleading emotionally for their living. In a manner of speaking, he reiterated here that stars make photographers successful, and it’s not the other way around.

Salman even planted a kiss on Jacqueline’s cheek to show what he can do in press photographers’ absence.

Strangely, a new ban was imposed by Salman’s security when members of the press were restrained from clicking pictures on their mobile phones. The event saw two never- before- seen photographers clicking Salman’s antics on stage. When we tried to click a few pictures of the event, a security guard sternly asked us to not do so. It seemed like a ploy to not allow anyone other than the designated in-house photographers from clicking Salman’s pictures. When we questioned Salman on the new ban imposed by him on clicking pictures on a cell phone, the brat within Salman first feigned ignorance and later tried his best to poke fun as he usually does with the media. “Why do you want to click my picture on your cell phone? Do you want to impress your girlfriend?”

Well, Salman, clicking pictures of events and stars on cell phones and uploading them instantly is how media functions today. At a certain point, he asked his PR team to snatch the mike away from a scribe and denied him the permission to ask any further questions.

Well, the person who seems to wear the badge of ‘Being Human’ turned out to be inhuman today.



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