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Salman Khan – “My genre of filmmaking is far more difficult”

Kick has many an elaborate action sequence. How difficult was it for you to perform the stunt scenes for the film?
Those big, big stunts which feature me give the impression that the actor has done a lot of hard work. But actually it is a lot of hard work only if you haven’t done these kinds of stunts before … if you been in sports or cycled all your life then you can do these stunts very easily.

Did you have to use body doubles for some of the stunts?
Yes, for a few scenes we did. The close-up shots are done by us but when the shot was needed to be captured from all angles, it was done by body doubles.

Is Kick a superhero film? 
No, it’s not a superhero film.

Is it a copy of the South film Kick?
It’s not a copy; it’s only inspired from the film.

Kick seems to be attracting a lot of positive buzz.
Yes, most of the films of this genre have that buzz. All the action films — Dabangg, Wanted and younger films have a kind of craze probably because of a certain amount of masti, comedy, and larger-than-life characters.

Do you feel people are not ready to see you in serious characters like the one you played in Jai Ho?
Jai Ho was a serious film and whatever you do such a film it becomes serious inherently. After Dabangg you try to make a realistic film but somewhere it becomes a serious film. However, when you see Jai Ho on television, it is one of the most amazing films.

You have become associated with big budget entertainers. 
I like these kind of films. With me they expect a lot more, so I have to stick to the format. But within the format, I try to give a small dose of message, our culture etc … only I do it in a commercial manner. I do it in such a manner that when people come to the theatre they get the message and enjoy the film too. My genre of filmmaking is far more difficult than any other genre because I have to entertain, I have to keep the audience engrossed and get khushi ke aansoo (tears of joy), and I have to keep the younger generation sorted. It’s a very difficult genre since it has comedy, entertainment, emotions … everything.

Sooraj Barjatiya gave you your first hit in Maine Pyar Kiya and you went on to play Prem again in his Hum Aapke Hain Kaun and Hum Saath Saath Hain. What is it like to reteam with him after a decade with Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo?
Sooraj is exactly the same. Sooraj still has that innocence which he had at the age of 17 when he wrote Maine Pyar Kiya.

Sooraj’s film sounds very different from the action films you have been doing of late. 
It’s the most difficult film I am doing in a very long time. It has been 13 years since I worked with Sooraj. I have changed so much; I’m not that pure a person any more. I have seen a lot more. It is very difficult for me to become that Prem once again. I am putting this film separately from all my films, just to unlearn everything I have learnt so far. Till the time I don’t ‘get’ Prem, I don’t feel it here, it is not going to show on my face. The film is once again getting me back to what I used to be.
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