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Vikram Bhatt – “Bipasha is as crazy as I am”

Vikram Bhatt’s love for horror films goes back to Raaz (2002) where a sexy Bipasha Basu hogged the limelight with the lead role. Now Vikram and Bippasha are back with another horror film, Creature 3D.

This will be Vikram’s third film with Bipasha after Raaz and Raaz 3; and he marvels at how they think alike. “The reason I cast Bipasha is because she believes in my crazy ideas. When I went to her and told her about this film and she said, ‘Wow let’s do it. I always try to do different and even here i have tried to do something different. Bipasha is as crazy as I am.”

Another quirk of Vikram’s is his preference for shooting in 3D. Hwe says, “This is my fourth 3D film after Raaz 3, Haunted and Dangerous Ishhq. I find myself more at home with 3D more than 2D now. As a matter of fact, if I visit a the set of a colleague shooting in 2D, I somehow find something wrong with the frame!”

Vikram proudly declares: “It’s a mega-budget film for (producer) Bhushan Kumar and me. This has never been done in India before — for the first time without any Hollywood person coming here we have created a 3D Creature. And our creature has more screen time — one hour of him on the screen in a two-hour films — than other films which promises to show the creature but hardly do so.”
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