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Rani Mukerji will not add ‘Chopra’ to her name

For the sake of her fans, Rani Mukerji will retain her surname despite married to Aditya Chopra. In her upcoming film Mardaani, Rani’s name will have her surname, Mukerji and not Chopra.

She confirms, “I am not changing my name to Rani Chopra or Rani Mukerji Chopra. People know me as Rani Mukerji.” And what does hubby Aditya Chopra have to says about the same? Rani speaks, “The kind of person Adi is, he isn’t one to even suggest I do that or have a problem with it. He likes a woman to be independent, someone who has her own individual identity. When we discussed this matter, he was of the same opinion. My fans know me as Rani Mukerji, so even if today I change my surname, they will remember me like that. So, why change? I’d rather be who I am for my fans. Tomorrow, when I have kids and if I need to change it for official or legal issues, I’ll do so then. Otherwise, for my fans and films, it’s going to be Rani Mukerji.”

Now that Rani is a married woman, does she want to continue her acting career? And if yes, will it be for YRF alone?

Rani says, “Of course, I am going to act. That is something too deeply engraved in my being. An actor is who I am and that I will always be.”

She adds, “I would definitely like to work outside because I feel that working outside a comfort zone, helps you grow. As an actor, it is very important that you grow with each film. You grow with each experience. It is important to keep working with younger directors or newer directors who you have not worked with, as they will present you differently. I am open to whatever role excites me. There is no change. My life will be the same it was before.”var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’); mtabs

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