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Priyanka Chopra – “There will always be resistance when you try something different”

Even though the theatrical promo of the Sanjay Bhansali-produced Mary Kom is still a week away, the film has managed to create a stir just on the power of its ‘First Look’ poster. A single shot of Priyanka Chopra looking ferocious with her boxing gloves has gone viral, and has had practically the entire Bollywood clan applauding her on social media.

This biopic of an Olympic-medal-winning boxer may just be the most important film of Priyanka’s career. “It is thrilling to see people’s reactions. I always let my work speak for itself and I am grateful that to see that it is paying off,” says Priyanka who has been enjoying a good run of late with testosterone fare like Krrish 3 and Gunday but needs a female-dominated success.

Priyanka will be probably the first actress to play a boxer throughout a film, but then she always has taken a different path when compared to the journey of other contemporary leading Bollywood actresses. One major milestone for her is turning into a professional singer. She has reached out to international audience too. While she has released multiple singles over the last year, her video with Pitbull for ‘Exotic’ continues to be in circulation, with an astonishing 4.3 crore online views. However there was a time when not many encouraged her to take the plunge and even termed it a drastic and desperate step.

“But doesn’t that always happen when you try to do something different?” asks Priyanka who has battled personal as well as professional challenges to turn the tide in her favour, “There will always be resistance, no matter what. The mantra is to go with your conviction.”

It was even being insinuated that Priyanka was heading West to compensate for waning opportunities in Bollywood. She may have proved them wrong with films like Barfi and Gunday but there is a tinge of disappointment when Priyanka speaks about such remarks.

She says, “I believe that we need to be little bit more encouraging about our own people. But I am not somebody who just goes by what a handful of mischief makers may suggest. When the results are there to show, you feel really empowered and only want to cross bigger barriers.”

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