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Surveen Chawla talks about intimate scenes in Hate Story 2

Hate Story 2 presents you in a very bold role, quite different from the image you have on TV after ‘Kaajjal’ and ‘Kasautii Zindagii Kay.’
What you are seeing in the promos is only one facet of my personality. I knew that I was doing a film where the songs had to be sexy but I still wouldn’t call it a bold role per se. When Hate Story 2 was offered to me, I knew it could belong to the ‘erotic thriller’ genre considering the first film in the franchise. But producer Vikram Bhatt categorically told me that it was not an erotic thriller. The film’s story is not based on sex; there is a lot of content too.

Was it difficult to enact those lovemaking scenes?
It is about switching on and off. When there was some intimate content to be brought on screen, I would put my sexiness switch on (smiles). That’s the whole fun of being an actor, isn’t it?

What made you wait for so long to move from television to films?
My television stint ended in 2008 after which I got busy with films in the South. They didn’t really do well though and I didn’t want to give up on my dreams of Bollywood. In the interim, I did TV’s ‘Comedy Circus’ with passion even if hosting is not my cup of tea. Jimmy Sheirgill introduced me to Punjabi films and Dharti turned out to be a good success. This followed by ‘Singh v/s Kaur’ led to Bollywood noticing me once again.

Did you ever feel desperate?
Honestly, I have not been desperate about anything, especially when it comes to making my way into Bollywood. I have waited for long enough and have gone through a phase where either I have rejected something or I have been rejected.

Did you have any specific do’s and don’ts in mind though, when it came to picking a Hindi film?
As an actor, it is important that what I do for camera elevates me. People often come with do’s and don’ts but I have never restricted myself. When time comes, I do what I am thinking at that point in time. If I feel liberated, I do it. It is not desperation, it is about doing what you feel is right at that point in time.

No wonder then, there were also talk of you going through liposuction to get into the best shape.
(Laughs) When I read about it I was laughing like I am right now. I was in Canada when I read that I had gone through liposuction. My phone fell off my hand! See, I am genetically quite blessed as my parents are very petite and lean. I am not very religious about working out either but then I am good the way I am; I don’t need any external or artificial means to put me in shape.

There were also rumors that you were unavailable for the film’s promotion? rhine inc palghar india
But I am talking to you, right (smiles)? Even though I am not able to sleep, I am making sure to keep my professional commitments on. In fact I also heard of rumors that I am insecure of Sunny Leone’s ‘Pink Lips’ song. Puhleeze! It is a fabulous song and I am extremely happy with the way it has become popular.

Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood News Service

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