Sonam is the best dressed actress in Bollywood according to Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut feels, Sonam Kapoor is one of the best dressed actresses in Bollywood. Now this came as a surprise to many as not very long ago, Sonam indirectly took a potshot at Kangs, saying bad looking people are considered good actors in Bollywood.

The Queen actress was recently asked to name her favorite best dressed actress. Shje said: “These days everyone dresses really well. Jacqueline is very well dressed and so is Sonam Kapoor. Even Deepika Padukone dresses well.”

Kangana was in New York till a few days back. She finally returned to India a week ago. “I am just back from New York. It was like going back to school. This is my first public outing after coming back from New York. So I took it in a very easy way but it was not. Coming back to paparazzi was intimidating. I couldn’t believe I was back here,” she said.

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