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Sudhir Mishra requires a ‘younger actress’ and not Chitrangada Singh

Sudhir Mishra, who is presently working on a political romance, confirms Chitrangada Singh will not be a part of his film, reason being the script demands a younger actress and that it’s would suit Chitrangada. For those unaware, Sudhir and Chitrangada have several movies together, and share a strong relationship as that of a mentor and muse.

However, the latest film, which is a political romance set in the Northern hinterland, has some other actress who will be the film’s leading lady. Confirming the same, Mishra told, “I need a younger actress for this story. I haven’t finalised my cast yet but Chitrangada (she’s in her late 30s) is definitely not a part of this project as the role doesn’t suit her.”

Not very long ago, buzz was that the filmmaker had a fallout with the actress. Talking about the same, Sudhir said: “There are minor altercations in every partnership. We have sorted them out. If I have a suitable role for her in future, I will definitely approach her. Whether she takes it up or not, is Chitrangada’s decision.”

In the past, Chitrangada had rejected his film offers. “I had a role for her but she didn’t like it and the film was never made. It’s her prerogative to say no,” he says.

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