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Vir Das – “Amit Sahni Ki List took me back to my dating days”

Stand-up comic turned actor Vir Das explores the ever-complex rituals of dating and finding a spouse in his new film, Amit Sahni Ki List, and says he can identify with his character’s romantic search.

“The film took me back to my dating days,” Vir says. “Amit Sahni Ki List is a romcom about an investment banker who has a severe heartbreak and emerges with a list of qualities he wants in his ideal girl. He becomes a serial dater, who finds he is being controlled by the list rather than the other way around.”

Playing the love guru, Vir expounds, “These are different stages in one’s love life — finding love, then committing to love. The film has 10 girls so the first 20 days of this film’s shoot I spent dating before we finally moved onto Amit Sahni’s two committed relationships! You really can’t choose who you love. In the film my happiness is strangled by love in the worst possible manner but there is a lot of mushy, cheesy and gooey moments. You can come and see me suffer for 90 minutes.”

Fortunately for Vir, his own love story is less torturous. He reveals, “I met my girlfriend at a date. She asked me if I had met many girls before her and did not react negatively to the answer.” Ask Vir to enlist the qualities he was seeking in a girl and he quips, “My list was relatively simpler and short. She must laugh at all my jokes and must be a dog lover.” 

Point out that in the film too, Vir has a canine co-star and the dog-lover responds enthusiastically. Vir declares, “I have had five to six dogs as a child. I completely love them! In real life, anyone who does not like a dog is completely off the table for me.”

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