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Vatsal Seth – I feel guilty after eating: 8 boxes of chocolates.

“I feel guilty after eating: 8 boxes of chocolates.”

My dietary preference: I am a vegetarian.

The first thing I have in the morning: A few glasses of water.

My breakfast: Upma or omelettes and brown bread.

My favourite food: Aloo ki sabzi is my all time favourite.

My lunch: Sabzi, dal, roti and sweets, I love Indian sweets.

An accompaniment I must have with my meals: A bowl of curds.

For health reasons I eat: Home-made food … I eat to live.

For health reasons I avoid: Smoking and alcohol.

My evening snack: Is usually home-made snacks like poha, dosa, idlis etc.

My dinner: Is light. Mostly sabzi-roti and fruits.

My favourite dessert: Tres Leches cake.

My favourite fruit: Banana.

My fitness regimen: An hour of work out in the morning and playing badminton, cricket or football in the evening.

I dislike eating: Mutton.

A childhood memory associated with food: Crying and refusing to eat.

I binge on: Maggi noodles, every now and then.

My culinary abilities: Zero.

My worst kitchen disaster: Trying to bake like Nigella Lawson.

My favourite cook in the world: Without a doubt, my mom. My friends will agree.

My comfort food: Home food.

I feel guilty after eating: 8 boxes of chocolates.

My favourite spice: Definitely cinnamon.

My favourite kitchen appliance: The grinder.

My favourite dish: Paneer Makhni. I gorge on it.

Anita Raheja-Heena Agarwal, Bollywood News Service

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