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Jacqueline Fernandez – Salman Khan has accepted me as part of his friends and family

Salman Khan, your hero in Kick, has compared you (Jacqueline Fernandez) to Zeenat Aman. How do you react to the compliment?
He compared me to her because he knows I love her so much … I am always bringing up her name or her movies in our conversation. I have seen all her films and my favourite is Hare Rama Hare Krishna because I loved her style in that. On the sets of Kick, Salman would call me Zeenat.

Kick is your first solo-heroine film alongside a star like Salman. Is this the big break you were looking for?
Yes… it’s a very big deal just to do a movie with Salman for an actress, even an established actress; and I am no different.

Are you feeling the pressure because of the expectations?
There is a slight pressure. Salman and Sajid sir (Nadiadwala, the director) cast me in Kick because they believed that I could play this role and I worked very hard because I wanted to ensure that I don’t disappoint them.

This is the first film for which you are dubbing in Hindi. Was that difficult for you?
I have dubbed for myself and worked on my diction with my Hindi teacher who helped me a lot. While shooting, often the writers would write the scene on the day of the shoot which meant I would get new lines. Learning new lines on the spot was nerve-racking. I didn’t want Nadiad to feel even for a second that I couldn’t do this so I would repeat my lines every now and them to get them right. Fortunately, the effort has paid off.

Kick is a Salman film — do you think you will be sidelined?
Salman is a superstar and people come to watch him. To be part of a movie like this and to be with Salman Khan gives me an advantage. No I am not sidelined at all.

Salman seems to be promoting you.
It’s in Salman’s nature to help people; he will go out of his way to support people who he feels work hard and deserve help. I feel very blessed that he probably feels that about me because otherwise he wouldn’t compliment me.

How would you describe your interaction with Salman? 
He makes you feel like family when you sit with him. He shares his food and talks to you and listens to your conversation about your life and work. That’s why people are very attracted to him; he doesn’t throw attitude and make you feel that he is a superstar. I genuinely feel that he will always be there for me. I respect him a lot. He has accepted me as part of his friend circle and family.

What’s your role in Bangistan?
I am doing a song and a special appearance in the movie. It’s a very funny script and stars Pulikt Samrat and Ritesh Deshmukh.

And you have bagged another biggie in Roy.
In Roy for the first time I will play a double role! I am cast alongside Ranbir and Arjun. The shooting starts next month but we have started doing the workshops now.}document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

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