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Salman Khan supports photographers boycotting him!

Salman laughs at photographers boycotting him and their refusal to click him till Kick’s release unless he says sorry.

As per a tabloid report stating photographers ban on Salman Khan and their refusal to click the superstar unless he apologize to them, the superstar refuses to comply to their demands. Instead, he supports the photographers stand and says he’s happy for them.

For those unaware, at the media event of his upcoming movie Kick, press photographers were allegedly manhandled by Sallu’s personal bodyguards and the venue’s security personnel. Not just that, to add fuel to the fire, Salman’s statement – ‘Those who want to cover the event are welcome to stay, the rest can leave if they wish’ irked the photographers no end. And so photographers have unanimously decided to not click Sallu and insisted that they will take up the issue at a meeting to be held today.

Salman seems to be undeterred about the incident and instead laughed it off saying this on his Twitter handle, “This is what I call a stand. The photographers are going to loose out on work but have still taken the decision not to take my pics. Happy for them,” adding, “I would have immense respect for them if they keep this stand.” Will Sallu apologize? What do you think readers?

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