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Meet Akshay Kumar’s new friend

Our khiladi, Akshay Kumar has got a new friend and he took to social networking site to introduce his new friend. Here’s what Akki wrote: “Meet my new friend Satnam Singh! India’s most influential Basketball player! He has a story that would melt your hearts!”

Akshay met Satnam in America at his niece’s summer camp where she’s training to live her dream of being a brilliant Basketball player for India one day. “Satnam is not only incredibly tall but unbelievably dedicated and talented at what he does here at the IMG Basketball School,” informs Akshay adding, “What he’s been through to get where he is, is an inspiration in itself. He reminded me of me, when nothing but your dreams matter. I wish this lovely young man a super successful life & I urge many of you to follow him and learn from his story. I’ve been in America for nearly a month now, but when I leave, I’ll be taking his hardship and training myself like a true champ for my next film. He’s really given me the spirit to fight on. Just wanted to share a piece of my holiday with you.”}document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

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