Nargis Fakhri likes Bollywood more than Hollywood

Actress Nargis Fakhri is all set to make her Hollywood debut with the film “Spy”. The actress says, she likes it better in Bollywood and is more comfortable when compared to Hollywood.

“I think I am feeling comfortable in Bollywood more than in Hollywood because I have spent more time here now and I am understanding a lot of things. I am feeling pretty good here. I really don’t plan on running off anywhere,” Nargis said.

“What I do love so much is music and dancing so, that’s why I prefer to give more attention here. I love music,” she added.

The actress feels she is in a very happy phase right now, as her dream of doing a bit of both, Bollywood and Hollywood has finally come true.

“I always wanted to do a bit of Bollywood and a bit of Hollywood. I am in a great phase and very happy. I have made it on my own, so it’s been an interesting journey,” she added.

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