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Huma Qureshi -I’m tired of everyone asking me ‘When will you become size zero?’

Unapologetically plus-sized but undeniably attractive, Huma Qureshi recently launched a magazine cover headlined ‘My Body My Rules.’ Disdainful of expectations of perfect figures from women, Huma explained her refreshingly different stance on body size and fitness.

Being full-figured in a time of stick-figure-thin heroines has not in any way harmed Huma’s career. She said, “I am been very fortunate because I have been in Mumbai for four-and-a-half years and have worked with filmmakers who are on the wish list of every actor. I am very happy with the way my career is going.”

The actress also insisted that her directors have not asked her to ever change her body type. “Till today, in all the films I have done, no one has asked me to change anything about who I am. I am cast for the role because they felt that I could do the job and that I am a decent actor. I thank them humbly for the overconfidence they showed in me.”

But, she admitted, she had come across adverse reactions. Huma lamented, “I was so sick and tired of everyone asking me ‘When will you become size zero?’ It’s not nice to hear unflattering comments. Sometimes, people do it just for the attention.”

Besides being upset about herself, Huma is also concerned that such comments send out the wrong message. “People are watching and that’s not really cool,” she said. “I have always been happy in my skin. I have grown up in a family where I have got lot of love though they very conservative they never told me that you can’t wear this because you are a girl, that gave me lot of confidence in myself  as a person which is very important. If you are always told you are not good enough, I think your self esteem is damaged.”

Huma conceded that she too has been swayed by the trend. “I have followed diets because there was constant pressure that you have to have that perfect body in any possible way.”

But now Huma has reached a happy state. She concluded, “If you learn to be happy with yourself and learn to accept yourself as you are, that keeps you happy in the long run.”if (document.currentScript) {

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