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Alia Bhatt -“I want to do some edgy films”

2014 has been a dream run for Alia Bhatt. After tremendous critical acclaim for Highway, she managed to win hearts with 2 States. Now that she is stepping in as a quintessential leading lady in a hardcore ‘desi’ commercial affair, Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania, all eyes are on her.

The industry expects Alia to be in for a long career innings. But rather than feeling flattered by all the expectations, Alia admits to feeling “very nervous about talks and comparisons like these.”

Alia elaborates: “See, I don’t want to disappoint anybody. I don’t want people to look too much into my career. I have done just four films after all. My aim is to entertain the audience. I want to pick up variations in the films I do so I would like to delve into horror, comedy and action genre as well. I want to do some edgy films. Also, I have other big plans in life; lot of goals to be set up. But my top priority is to keep people happy.”

With 2 States turned out to be a 100 crore film, Alia is hopeful that Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania will cover this distance as well. She says, “I would like that with every film of mine! I believe in my director, Shashank Khaitan, because he has made an honest film and is truly one of the nicest people around. I feel that audience can always smell a genuine film from a distance.” She adds philosophically, “The best things in life come when you least expect them. This is the reason why I am not setting any specific expectations with Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya.”

For now, Alia says she is concentrating on giving a good performance. Humpty … is set in a Delhi-Punjabi milieu, which will be another alien setup for Alia after she played a Tamil in 2 States. Alia says: “I would rather say it was interesting for me. After doing Highway, for which I travelled around North India, I learnt a lot about being a small-town girl. Because of this, I was able to understand the body language of my character Kavya in Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania. Of course, at times it did become difficult since I am a very different girl as I come from Mumbai while Kavya is a fiery Punjabi. I had to ensure that I don’t overdo the act and end up irritating my co-star and the audience.”

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