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Vir Das: I just want my girl to laugh at all my jokes

It was Aamir Khan’s conviction in him that made Vir Das a household name after he got noticed with a striking performance in Delhi Belly. Vir’s name has always been synonymous with comedy, be it his comic timing in films or his acts as a stand-up comedian, he’s a multi-faceted personality who also loves to compose and produce movies. After his impressive acts in movies like Go Goa Gone and Revolver Rani, Vir is back with yet another interesting flick titled, Amit Sahni Ki List. In an exclusive chat with BC, Vir or we say Amit Sahni discusses his list and more…

You’re known to be quite choosy as far as your projects are concerned and are known for doing hatke roles. What was so appealing about Amit Sahni Ki List?

I’ve never done a romantic comedy though as an actor I’ve always been fascinated with the genre. I was quite excited when the offer to do a rom-com came my way after Revolver Rani. Whatever I have seen of rom-com is all mushy. I was lured by the opportunity to play the solo lead in Amit Sahni Ki List. I connected to the script instinctively and felt it had a good connection point with the audience considering the concept which is very unique. That’s when I sat with the film’s producer Tina Nagpaul and Ajay Bhuyan, did brainstorming and that’s how the film got made.

So do you think every individual can relate to Amit’s list or his list is something very special?

I’m sure everyone has had a list of things that one looks forward to in his ladylove. Amit has had an embarrassing break up after which he decides to make a list of qualities he would seek in a woman. He ends up writing 200 plus factors that he’s looking for in his woman. So he becomes a serial dater and starts going out with a new girl everyday, just when he thinks he has found a girl of his choice and as per his list, things go haywire and his list backfires. Later, he realises love can’t be planned in the meanwhile he starts thinking too high of himself and starts suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder.

You’ve been in a live-in relationship with Shivani Mathur for quite sometime now. So does she fit to your real life list?

Thankfully, my real list is quite small. I just want my girl to laugh at all my jokes. My private life is quite normal.

Aamir Khan has been very instrumental in your growth as an actor and gave you break in Delhi Belly. Did you approach him for work after that?

No, I haven’t approached Aamir for work and I don’t intend to do that because I know if there’s a role that Aamir thinks I can do, he will approach me. Aamir has always been a huge source of inspiration and he has always been very supportive ever since Delhi Belly. I’m so glad that he came to see Revolver Rani and enjoyed the film and my part. He said he likes the kind of films I do. Revolver Rani changed the game for me.

Last year, you said you’re working on six films that will release in 2014?

Well, there are series of films hopefully releasing this year starting with Amit Sahni… followed by Jaane Kyun starring Soha Ali Khan and is based on the backdrop 1984 riots. Then there’s the film for kids called Golu and Pappu featuring myself and Kunaal Roy Kapur. After Delhi Belly, we have worked again in this film. Then there’s an adult comedy titled Saxx Ki Dukaan. It’s like superhero meets sex ki dukaan. There’s Khanna Patel wherein I play Rishi Kapoor’s son. Besides these, there’s a film which I’ve written and worked on for the last five years to make it reach this point. I’ll be playing a negative role in that which will be directed by Nikhil Advani. Then there are other projects which I can’t talk about right now. I’m glad all the movies I’m doing are quite distinct in terms of genre.

Saxx Ki Dukaan sounds quite interestingly weird…

It’s an interesting concept. I am doing a double role in this sex comedy. It’s for the Delhi Belly audience.

Your play History of India – Viritten has been doing quite well. As an actor, will you take some time out for theatre or it’s just a stop-gap thing for you?

Now, more than 90 percent of my time goes to films but I enjoy doing theater. I do contract with filmmakers according to which I will be given a day off on weekends to pursue theater. On the flipside, earlier I was performing in front of 1000 people but now Bollywood has given me a new identity which helps me bringing more footfalls in the auditorium.

As a performer, what do you enjoy the most – standup comedy, theater, movies or music?

I try maintaining a balance between all these. When I’m not locked inside a vanity van for hours, I would be busy doing stand up comedy or theater and if I’m not busy doing that then I’ll be surely composing some soulful compositions. They complement each other.

Don’t you feel like doing your own stand up comedy show like Kapil Sharma?

No, I’m an English comedian and a Hindi actor. Hindi stand up comedy is not my cup of tea. That’s best left to Kapil who’s doing a wonderful job. There’s no time for television now. I have done TV for five years and found it to be quite taxing in terms of shooting hours. d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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