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Vidya Balan – I have stopped consuming sugar for the last 15 years

The first thing in the morning I have: A glass of water (room temperature), followed by a cup of tea.

My breakfast comprises: Chillas made of oats or moong dal.

My diet preference: I am a pure vegetarian; I have never eaten non-vegetarian in my life. I don’t even like eggs.

My food philosophy: I am a very basic eater. I am not a foodie at all.

My lunch and dinner: Dal, roti and sabzi.

My evening snack: I have bhel or fruit a homemade sandwich. But I generally avoid eating bread. Instant noodles are an indulgence.

My culinary abilities: I am not fond of cooking, I don’t want to learn it either as I am not interested.

My favourite fruits: I simply love papaya. I can live on it. I also love bananas but eat them only when I feel the need for a shot of energy. I also like seasonal fruits like strawberries, plums, litchis.

For health reasons I have: Lots of water.

The food that tempts me the most: My only weakness is banana chips since I am from Kerala. Otherwise, I am not fond of oily, cheesy or spicy food.

My favourite desserts: I had a major sweet tooth but not anymore because over the years I have been through various diets. I have stopped consuming sugar for the last 15 years; I gave up right after school. Earlier, I would love Indian sweets but now very occasionally I have a South Indian mithai, Therattipal, when it’s made at Diwali. I like Mishti doi and chocolates and I also like South Indian kheer but with less sugar.

My favourite cook: My mom. I love the sambar and avail she makes.

My favourite restaurants: I eat out a lot and Siddharth and I like exploring new places. On a regular basis, we go to Thai Pavillion, The Table and Royal China.

For a romantic meal: I think outdoors in Faluknama Palace, Hyderabad, would be ideal. Food would depend on the mood — it could be Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai anything.

My favourite spice: Garlic.

The food item I can’t resist buying: I don’t go to supermarkets here but when I go abroad I like picking up some interesting spices and salad dressings.

Anita Raheja, Heena Agarwal, Bollywood News Service

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