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Varun Dhawan Speaks on Love, Romance, Dates And Marriage

“Girlfriend talk? I share everything with my bhabhi.”

Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania is your second venture after Student of the Year with Alia Bhatt. Is she different now? 
She has grown as an actress. In our first film, we didn’t have a romantic angle but this time I had to flirt with her for the scenes. The energy of our real-life chemistry has translated well on screen.

Does Alia dominate her co-stars?
Others have told me that she tries to bully them, but I know the real Alia … I know how to push her buttons, so she can’t fool around with me. I can make her cry in a second … she cries once or twice in a day.

You seem closer to Alia than your co-stars.
I am probably closer to her but I got along really well with Ileana and Nargis too. I become friends with people I work with. With Alia I have done more work maybe that’s why we seem closer.

Have you ever been attracted to her? 
The film is in a space between friendship and love … and that’s the space we are in also.

Do you wear your heart on your sleeve?
No. In real life, I am not like Humpty. But if I fall in love, I go into a dreamy land.

So are you in love presently?
No, I am not. There is no time to date anyone at the moment.

Buzz is you are seeing Natasha.
People have made this up. I have a lot of friends who are girls but I genuinely don’t have the time right now for any romantic liaison. I am very much single.

If you do have a girlfriend will you bring her into the public eye?
I will shield her if she is not from the industry. Most of the times, family members are able to understand but far off relatives are unable to digest it and I don’t want someone’s family to go through torture. Sometimes my own mother asks me: Did this happen to you? I tell her, ‘Ma, c’mon yaar, don’t ask me all this. You know what’s true and false. And my father doesn’t react at all. He can’t be strict, he is very sweet.

Do you share girlfriend talk with him?
Girlfriend talk? I share with my bhabhi, I tell only her and no one else.

If your family does not agree with your choice of the girl, will you elope?
Could be. But if I tell you, then I won’t be able to do it because my family will read this.

Would the girl be from the industry?
Outside. We are working in films the whole day. It would be boring to go home and talk films too.

But as you said you too busy with work … how will you find a girl outside the industry?
On a plane or something…

So if you meet the girl on a plane, will you approach her?
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