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Salman and Shahrukh hug jokes go viral on Twitter

Every time they hug, it becomes national news. This time too was no exception. Shahrukh and Salman once again shared a warm hug at Baba Siddiqui’s Iftaar party. And while they grabbed all media attention, lots of people rejoiced and a few went a step ahead by posting jokes on Twitter of the famous hug.

Below are some of the jokes that went viral.

To all those firangs who don’t know what #SalmanHuggedSRK means, it’s like #SamsungHuggedApple.
SRK: *Sends friend request* Salman: *Accepts friend request* SRK: Thank you! Salman: Dosti mein no sorry, no thank you. #SalmanHuggedSRK

Have to say some people have too much time.. See someone even created a website –> #SalmanHuggedSRK LOL

#SalmanHuggedSrk …the big problem of the country is solved… Now gov hav to solve small cases like corruption…black marketing etc

#salmanhuggedsrk, media and nation went crazy and china used the opportunity to intrude once again. Bravo

Breaking News: Baba Siddique nominated for Nobel Peace Prize. #SalmanHuggedSRK

Considering the hype around #SalmanHuggedSRK, Madame Tussauds may decide to have a wax statue of SRK and Salman hugging each other.

#SalmanHuggedSRK but did they really patch up? The nation wants to know – Arnab Goswami
Superman and Batman hugged each other yesterday. Same thing happened in Bollywood today. #SalmanHuggedSRK
I hear there is a war going on now between the fans as to what has to trend – #SalmanHuggedSRK or #SRKHuggedSalman

#SalmanHUggedSRK It happens only in #India SRK and Salman overshadow the CM, happens when you dont pride your culture

National holiday declared. #SalmanHuggedSRK

Karan Johar is right nw blushing like a lil school girl at the thought of a threesome #SalmanHuggedSRK

toh Narendra Modi issi Ache din ki baat kar rahe the ??? #SRKhuggedSalman

#SrkHuggedSalman? Marks 21st July as World Hug Day? Or reschedule Friendships Day?

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