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Mahesh Bhatt on Alia Bhatt’s Singing

“Alia sang with full enthusiasm, yehi ada thi Noorjahan ki, yeh ada thi Kishoreda ki.”

After singing ‘Sooha saha’ for Highway, Alia Bhatt has recorded an unplugged version of the song ‘Samjhavan’ for her film Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniyan.

Father Mahesh Bhatt is overwhelmed by his daughter’s singing. The filmmaker raves, “When I heard her sing, I had tears in my eyes. I realised she sings with full enthusiasm, yehi ada thi Noorjehan ki, yeh ada thi Kishoreda ki.”

Alia claims to have had no musical training and Mahesh seems happy for her to retain the status quo. He says, “She is not tarasha hua heera, a polished diamond, she is just jannat ka ek phool. I am scared that people should not waylay her … they should let her be the same way.”



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