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Priyanka Chopra’s debut on Reddit AMA took an embarrassing turn

We had recently told you that Priyanka Chopra was all set to make a debut on Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything). Well, she did not have a very pleasant welcome, as she was bombarded with very awkward and embarrassing questions. While the actress did answer a few of them, she chose to ignore the rest.

Priyanka Chopra talked about her upcoming Mary Kom biopic, how much she loves to eat, hates to work out and many more. But then she was also asked questions about her alleged lip job, from where did she get her accent, a Mumbai road named after her late father Ashok Chopram and even her affair with Shahrukh Khan, which she ignored completely.

Prior to her chat, an excited Priyanka had posted“It’s your chance ‘Ask Me Anything’..on AMA reddit! Are you ready? Let’s do this.”

One of the Reddit member asked whether about her American accent. The brave actress replied: “I don’t fake anything, what you see is what you get. And a correction I went to high school in the US ( a huge part of my formative years). I’m a proud to be Indian but also proud of the varied cultural upbringing that I have had.”

Another person pitched in, “Wow! You went to school?” to which she replied, “Wow! You always been a hater?” In one of the questions she was asked about the racist backlash that she faced during her NFL performance, Priyanka said she would not let ‘haters’ decide her fate. “I love making music and making movies, irrespective of the geography. I’m giving it everything I have… let my talent decide my fate,” viagra us 2 us she said.

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