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No special effects used to shoot scenes with Junior in It’s Entertainment

Director duo Sajid-Farhad has shot scenes with Junior (dog) sans computer graphics for It’s Entertainment.

The Akshay Kumar-Tamannaah starrer It’s Entertainment that marks the directorial debut of successful writer duo Sajid-Farhad stars a dog as a protagonist and the movie title is based on the name of the dog, Entertainment. While most filmmakers find it difficult to shoot scenes featuring animals and hence have to opt for special effects, Sajid-Farhad states it was easy to shoot with the dog, Junior.

Farhad says, “As directors, we found it difficult to extract work from a dog. But Junior was so good at emoting that we never once felt that we were shooting with an animal. He was completely natural before the camera.”

Interestingly, there is a scene in the movie where Junior was supposed to bark making it look like the dog is actually talking. “It was Farhad’s idea to execute that scene. It just happened on the spur of the moment and he told me and Akshay about it and we were game,” says Sajid.

Apparently Junior was a complete workaholic and shot for 15 days at a stretch. On the 16th day, Junior was given a break. Sajid adds, “We felt that he was getting restless and thus shot all playful scenes with him that calmed him down. We had a dog on standby, who looked like Junior and also had a doctor present on the sets. But Junior is so well-trained and talented that his services were used to the bare minimum.”document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

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