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We tell you why Ranbir and Katrina may not move in together

Since months there has been one question on everyone’s mind, Will Ranbir and Katrina move in together. And while both of them have denied all rumors, yet speculations don’t seem to die. But even if they move in for real, we think it’s going to be hard for them to live under the same roof. We’ll tell you why we think so.

Firstly, Ranbir Kapoor loves his freedom and hates to be controlled, except by one woman, his mother. Now, there has been reports of Katrina being a clingy girlfriend, because of which the duo have got into a couple of fights while in South Africa. So, won’t this pose a problem if they live together?

We also hear that no matter how free spirited Ranbir is, end of the day, he has to come back home. Apparently, he misses on badly when he is away for a long period. Now, living with Kats means staying in his new pad without any familiar faces except for Katrina’s. Also, if he’s living with his girlfriend, he cannot go back to his parents home when ever he feels like, because living together is a full time responsibility. Hain na?

Lastly, RK is a party animal and we all know that. He loves his guy friends and is often spotted chilling with Aditya Roy Kapur and Ayan Mukerji, till wee hours. Now with Katrina living with him, the actor will be able to party like he does now? Nah!

So now, tell me people, do you still want Ranbir and Katrina to move in together? Reply in your comments below.

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