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Kapil Sharma & Kamaal R Khan Twitter War: Too nasty!

Gossip! Gossip! The fight of the week is here!

The hot, happening and dashing (pun intended) Kamaal R Khan has found a new person to take digs at. This time it’s the most entertaining Kapil Sharma. The flop actor started off with his nasty comments on the comedian-turned-actor, who refused to let this pass by. Soon, the two engaged in a verbal argument which is Twitter’s most abusive fight so far.

Here is a picture of Kapil Sharma’s tweet which triggered the whole drama.

Courtesy: Twitter

Good night and kiss to real super stars n kick to comedian super stars.

Good morning and kiss to real lions n kick to jackass lions who become lions after drinking only.

Oye ch***** @KapilSharmaK9 tere Jaise 100 naukar hai mere paas. Lukkhe Teri g**** main ghus jayega Tera thappad. Aukat dekhle Pahle apni.

My God a person @KapilSharmaK9 who Walks like a girl, who talks like a ch***** n who laughs like a Chakka will slap me. Main Darr Gaya bhai.

I never ever attack anybody. But yes I always defend myself. Krishna Ji said ki Zulm karna Bhi Gunah Hai n Zulm Sahna Bhi.

If somebody attacks me n threaten me 2break my teeth n house then how do you ppl expect me to keep quiet? I am not here to become a victim.

Here’s what started the Kapil Sharma & Kamaal R Khan twitter war:

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