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Hrithik Roshan keeps calm despite being insulted by a Hollywood star

Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan is one gentleman who is has always been known for his compassionate nature, and with the recent incident that took place at Heathrow airport, we bet your respect for the actor will multiply four folds, just like us.

So apparently, when our superhero spotted Hollywood actor Jeremy Piven, better known as Entourage’s Ari Gold in trouble, he went up to him and offered to help but in turn was abused and asked to move away from his sight.

Jeremy Piven had reportedly misplaced his passport and hence was held back at the security. On seeing him in trouble, our hero Hrithik Roshan offered to help him. But Jeremy thought Hrithik was just another fan wanting an autograph and so he shooed him away saying: “Not now man. Leave me alone.” Even after the insult, Hrithik did not stop. He tried to sort the situation but ended up being yelled at with abusive words. Hrithik stayed cool and asked one of the airport staff to help out the Entourage actor.

Says an eye-witness, “Jeremy misplaced his passport at London airport and was kicking up a fuss. Hrithik, who saw this, stepped in to help sort the situation. The staff at British Airways didn’t know who the LA-based TV actor was and were getting annoyed with his tantrum.”

Adds a source: “Jeremy was getting more and more agitated, and what irked him further was that he wasn’t getting star treatment.”

Hrithik has certainly won our hearts. What about you?

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