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Tamannaah Bhatia – My favourite food is biryani

My breakfast: Eggs, fruits, vegetable juice and toast.

My diet preference: I am basically a non-vegetarian. And my favourite food is biryani.

My lunch: Rotis, sabzi, dal, rice and curd. I eat everything in right quantity.

An accompaniment I must have with my meal: Curds.

My evening snack: In the evenings I have sukha bhel/ sandwich/ fruit

My diet philosophy: I prefer to eat every two hours. You need to fill yourself every two hours with small meals.

My dinner: Is the same as lunch.

My favourite fruits: Mangoes.

I dislike eating: Oily food.

My favourite desserts: Gulab jamun.

My favourite beverage: Diet Coke.

A childhood memory associated with food: Pav bhaji — I ate it every day after school.

My culinary abilities: I can cook good poha and eggs.

A cooking disaster I remember: One day I tried to make a vegetable omelette but it was a disaster.

My favourite cook in my family: My mom, she makes the best Sindhi curry.

My comfort food: Croissants.

The food item I think I resemble: A potato, it goes with every dish.

My favourite restaurant in Mumbai: Shiv Sagar.

My idea of a romantic meal: A nice candle light dinner with my favourite food.

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