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Kareena Kapoor gets a missed call from Ranbir at 2 AM

Yes, Ranbir Kapoor called his sister Kareena at 2 AM in the morning. And while we wonder what was so urgent that he wanted to talk to Bebo at that very moment and not wait till the next morning, the actress explains the confusion in an interview to a popular tabloid.

“Ranbir happened to dial my number by mistake when he was in South Africa. I think his phone was in his back pocket and mistakenly, the phone got dialed. I got a missed call at 2 in the morning. I called him the next day and asked, ‘Why were you calling so late? What happened?’ He said, ‘I didn’t call you’. So I thought, ‘Chalo, isi bahaane baat toh ho gayi’.”

She added, “It was fun. We talked for a bit. Ranbir loves to visit his friends at 2 am. So, he has threatened to come to our house for a drink. I told him, ‘Please come, but 2 baje raat ko mat aana. Nobody is awake in my house at that time. We like to sleep by 12 AM.”

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