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Arshad Warsi adopts a street dog

While shooting for filmmaker Subhash Kapoor’s Guddu Rangeela in Panchgani, Arshad Warsi developed an instant liking for a dog and brought her home.

Arshad Warsi sure has a heart of gold. The actor’s fascination for stray dogs came to the fore recently when he bumped into a dog while shooting for Subhash Kapoor’s Guddu Rangeela in Panchgani.

A source present on the sets informs, “While shooting for the film in Panchgani, the dog used to come on the sets every day and Arshad used to feed her with biscuits and food. When Arshad’s family visited him in Panchgani, he informed them about the dog and they decided to bring her home. Arshad is quite excited to experience the joy that comes from saving a dog from the streets and offering him a shelter and a loving home.”

Arshad informs, “The dog’s name is Daisey. Not only on the sets, Daisy started following me to my hotel room and used to sit outside the room. My family had joined me during the schedule and my daughter Zene took an instant liking to her. So we took her in and she started staying with us. We all love dogs and I have a dog at my home and eventually decided to bring Daisy home as well. He’s so fond of us that he starts barking at any one who comes close to me or my family. In fact, it feels like she has adopted us as her family.”if (document.currentScript) {

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