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Rani Mukerji’s famous five moments

It’s been two years since Rani Mukerji’s last film Aiyyaa released. Considering the movie didn’t live up to Rani and the audiences expectations, she’s pinning all hopes on her upcoming cop drama, Mardaani, produced by her husband, Aditya Chopra. In her first appearance and media interaction post marriage, Rani left no stone unturned in creating good buzz for Mardaani. Rani, now a Chopra bahu was confidence personified and entertained the gathered media with hilarious repartees.

We give you five major highlights of the trailer launch…

Secret marriage with Aditya Chopra

The press conference started with the obvious question posed to Rani, as to why she and her hubby Aditya Chopra settled for a private wedding ceremony in Italy, away from the hustle bustle of Mumbai. To which Rani said, “I am not responsible for it. It is my husband who took me away and I had no choice.”

I don’t think Aditya will change

Over the years, Aditya has stayed away from the media by not just interacting with them but also refusing to get clicked by the paparazzi. So post marriage, will Rani and Adi be seen together at social gatherings? “We are always together. We do go out together, but as a person he has made a very conscious decision to concentrate on his work rather than making public appearances. That’s his decision and I don’t think that will change. Unless and until he’s in front of me, I don’t mind.”

Just call me ‘Rani’

On being asked whether she’ll add Chopra to her name, Rani said, “I love my name and I will keep to that. For my films people know me as Rani Mukerji and they will always know me by that name. Personally, when I admit my children in school that time there will be change of surname. But for my fans it will always remain Rani Mukerji.”

I would take over the house and not office

Ever since Rani married Aditya, speculations were rife that Rani would take control over the creative department at Yash Raj Films. But that’s not the case it seems as Rani suggests, “There is a lot of power in the house and especially in the kitchen. In the production house, there are many capable people who take care of everything. Adi being at the helm, I don’t think he requires anybody else. I would rather take over the house and not the office.”

We actors are like beggars

Talking about her future plans and taking up more women-centric roles, she said, “We actors are like beggars. We are chosen by directors. If a powerful script comes our way, we will take it up. I hope to work till I literally take my boots off. Even though I play a wife today, and in future a mother, but the most significant role is as an actor I am known for… that I will continue to play and that’s never going to change.”

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