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Salman Khan – “It was difficult to make me dance”

Salman Khan has done innumerable song and dance numbers in several films so far, yet the star says, “It’s very difficult to make me dance.”

In his latest film, Kick, however, the star shows off some nifty steps alongside Jacqueline Fernandez in the song ‘Jumme ki raat hai, chumme ki baat hai.’ At the launch function of the song, Salman joked with characteristic candour, “I showed the choreographer (Ahmed Khan) the steps … and later he stole my steps and taught them to me. Ahmed has choreographed very well. We took six days to shoot this song.”

The song’s lyrics bring to mind the famous ‘Jumma chumma de de’ from the Amitabh Bachchan starrer Hum but Salman maintained, “I am a big fan of ‘Jumma Chumma’ but this song is not similar to that.”

The song had Salman wooing a bespectacled Jacqueline who metamorphoses into a miniskirt-clad avatar. Salman couldn’t stop gushing over Jacquline, and rattled off her strengths– “Her smile, hair, eyes, personality, dressing style, attitude, complexion, shadow, hard work, sincerity, beauty, inner beauty” before concluding with a laugh: “I like everything about her but mainly I like her hero.”

Kick has been racing to meet the Eid-release deadline considering the release date has been very lucky for Salman in the past. With popcorn in his mouth, Salman revealed, “The film is slated to release during Eid but all the songs are not ready. We are yet to shoot a song called ‘Hangover’.”

Anita Britto, Bollywood News Service}

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